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Move-out cleaning

Professional Cleaning Company

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Städfirma flyttstädning på campus vid Linnéuniversitetet i Växjö

Campus Cleaning Service helps you with all kinds of cleaning in Växjö!
Home cleaning – Window cleaning – Move-out cleaning

We provide move-in and move-out relocation cleaning in Växjö
Move out cleaning on the Campus area at Linnaeus University

Fixed price cleaning

We give you a price in advance so you always know how much the cleaning will cost. No surprises!

Excellent results

When we clean, it becomes shiny clean as a result. Guarantee on move-out cleaning and inspection.

Flexible support

Support is an important part of cleaning. With us, you always have a responsible contact person.

Hemstädning illustrerat med en bild på ett nystädat vardagsrum.

Home cleaning

We take care of your cleaning so you can focus on your studies or your job. Come home to a newly cleaned home for better health, well-being, and performance.

Window cleaning

Our professional window cleaners bring all equipment with them and make sure that your windows get shiny clean! Clean windows are important for the indoor environment.

Fönsterputsning. Bild på en fönsterputsare som tvättar fönster på en inglasad balkong.
Flyttstädning med en bild på ett nystädat rum med stora fönster.

Move-out cleaning

The purpose of a moving cleaning is to prepare the home for its next home guest and the requirements for an approved result are extremely high.

Customer reviews

Bild på Amanda som har beställt flyttstädning av sin bostad på campus vid Linnéuniversitetet

“Excellent all round, professional performance of service. Absolutely lived up to, and exceeded, my expectations.”


Ramin hyrde städfirma för flyttstädningen

“Pleased with the attitude, punctuality, and service. But above all a superb cleaning!
So nice and missed nothing.”


Bild på Harriet som beställde flyttstädning av sin studentlägenhet.

“Move-out cleaning. Professional, meticulous. Very nice welcome and easily accessible.
Did an excellent job.”


Cleaning service Växjö Campus

Cleaning service in Växjö with specialization and focus on housing in the Campus area. Home cleaning, window cleaning, and move-out cleaning. We also take assignments outside the Campus area.

Home cleaning

Home cleaning in Växjö has never been easier! Book your maid service with us and get more of the free time you have long dreamed of having. We have a long experience, so regardless of whether you choose to sit back on the sofa and have a cup of coffee, hang out with friends or devote yourself to your studies, you can feel safe with the home cleaning we perform in the meantime. Our home cleaning is affordable and flexible and is always delivered with a quality guarantee. You can always choose to have your home cleaning done only once, but if you want regular cleaning help, you must sign up for home cleaning with a subscription.
Rutavdrag (rut deduction) can make cleaning even cheaper. Read more about rutavdrag.

Window cleaning

Let the sunshine in through freshly cleaned windows! We are professionals in window cleaning! Cleaning the windows yourself takes a long time and can be quite difficult. For our experienced window cleaners, it is quick, smooth, and easy. We use good and environmentally friendly products so that your windows are really clean.

We clean windows for both private individuals and companies and window cleaning is included if you book move-out cleaning. Our staff has great skill and experience of window cleaning and knows how to get all different types of windows clean and nice in a gentle way.
Window cleaning is approved for rut-tjänster (rut deduction).

Move-out cleaning

We help you with move-out cleaning at Campus and the rest of Växjö. Our move-out cleaning on Växjö Campus comes at very favorable and fixed prices. We provide a guarantee on all final cleaning so that you as a customer can feel completely safe with us as the cleaners. Our cleaning support is very flexible, and there is plenty of room for a personal tailor-made arrangement according to your needs. We are a well-established company with a good reputation, good prices, and many satisfied customers. Move-out cleaning entitles to rutavdrag.

Rutavdrag – rut deduction

If you are over 18 years of age and have had an income in Sweden for which you paid the tax, you may be entitled to a box deduction for cleaning services. The RUT deduction means that you can deduct 50% of the labor cost when you buy home cleaning or any other cleaning service. Your RUT deduction is linked to how much tax you paid during the previous year. At the tax office, you can check how much money you have in your pot: RUT-avdrags pott.

Quotation on move-out cleaning

Price of move-out cleaning

Below are some approximate prices on what the move-out cleaning can cost. Contact us for a fixed price and quote.

Number of square meters (Property)Price
30 (1 room and kitchen)1 060 – 1 911 kr
50 (2 room and kitchen)1 961 – 2 714 kr
70 (3 room and kitchen)2 760 – 3 318 kr
90 (4 room and kitchen)3 360 – 3 861 kr
110 (5 room and kitchen)3 800 – 4 165 kr
130 (6 room and kitchen)4 200 – 4 309 kr

Prices are approximate and include VAT, and after RUT deductions.

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